Mountain Performance Massage Services - Mobile Massage Services Eden, UT and Park City, UT

Mountain Performance Massage Services

Mountain Performance Massage offers Sports Therapy Massage, Fascial Stretching Therapy (FST) and Swedish Massage, or any combination thereof.  Offering Mobile Massage Services  in Eden, Park City, UT, and surrounding areas.


  • Lengthening of muscles
  • Improve range of motion
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce recovery time from injury
  • Improve circulation to muscles and joints


  • Very relaxing
  • Most common form of massage
  • Can be light or deep pressure
  • Promotes healing and reduces pain
  • Helps work out kinks in the muscles


  • Improved posture and functional ability
  • Lighten muscles to create space
  • Create better movement and range of motion
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Reduce recovery time from injury
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FASCIA STRETCHING THERAPY - Mobile Massage Services Eden, UT and Park City, UT

Our Specialty... Fascial Stretching Therapy (FST)

This type of stretching is done on a massage table, wearing comfortable clothing, with stretching belts.  The padded belts help stabilize the area that is not being worked on which facilitates greater relaxation for you and allows for deeper, more controlled work.  It increases your flexibility and your power without being painful.

It doesn’t matter how flexible you are now.  We meet you at your point of flexibility and help you to decompress your joints.  We service professional and non-professional athletes.

See the short videos below and learn more about FST at Stretch to Win.

Our staff are Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT) and Level 3 Certified Fascial Stretch Specialists (FST CFSS).