I assist in facilitating wellness.
I do massage but it’s more about helping you reach your potential as an athlete or just to feel better during every day activities. – SHAWN CAROLAN, LMT – FST Level 3 Specialist CFSS (Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist)






  • lengthening your muscles
  • helps with range of motion
  • better performance
  • reduction in recovery times from injuries
  • improved circulation to muscles and joints


Fascial Stretch

Therapy (FST)


  • Improved posture & functional ability
  • Lightening muscles creating space
  • Creating better movement and range of motion
  • Reduces aches and pains
  • Reduces injuries & Faster Recover time





  • assisted stretching in yoga positions with massage
  • massage without lotion and with wearing loose fitting clothes
  • increased circulation and oxygen levels
  • increased flexibility
  • increases energy levels





  • very relaxing massage
  • most common form of massage
  • can be light or deep pressure
  • promotes healing and reduces pain
  • helps work out kinks in the muscles


After years of dealing with migraines, sometimes twice a week, I started going to Shawn for massage. With his head, neck and shoulder techniques, I have been almost completely migraine free for six months.
Andrew Bowersox
Go see Shawn! He is AMAZING!!! He has the education, technique and strength that makes a massage an incredible experience! You will NOT regret it!
Jennifer Hanni
Being an avid cyclist who enjoys racing mountain bikes, massage is part of my training and recovery regimen. I appreciate that Shawn is an athlete himself, and can bring his understanding of what an athlete needs to his massages. Shawn has been an integral part of my training this past year and I look forward to working with him in the future.
Corbin Young, Manager Diamond, Peak Mountain Sports